The Swearing in Ceremony

There’s a form you have to fill out to naturalize. You do have to go to an interview. If you’re approved, then you have to be sworn in. Now, let’s talk about that swearing in.

Pledging Allegiance to the United States

There’s a set of questions. Do you take an oath of allegiance to the United States? Would you take up arms to protect the United States? Occasionally, I will have someone who has difficulty with one of those things you have to swear to at the swearing in ceremony.

We can get waivers for Jehovah’s Witnesses. They don’t have to swear that they’ll take up arms. Everybody has to take the same oath unless you get a special waiver. But really, if you’re 76 years old, and you’re in a wheelchair, the Army’s not coming for you.

It’s just the theory of becoming a citizen. If you become a citizen, do you have allegiance to the United States? That’s what they all basically mean.

Let me go back to good moral character.