“She is not just interested in your case; she is interested in your life”

Testimonial: Gerardo Montoya, Jeanne Morales Attorney client, talks about his experience after overcoming a deportation order.
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We are here because we just overcame a court order of deportation.
We beat it. A cancelation was approved.

How did you get in touch with Jeanne Morales Attorney?

I was recommended though a cousin of mine from Odessa
Suggested her to me. I went to her, talk to her
She was very forward and direct, which I liked
From there she started going through my case and it was a real slim chances of me getting this, but she worked the case more and more.
She found more about me, and me improving my life, it helped a lot

– What kind of lawyer is Jeanne Morales?

Oh Jeanne Morales is not just a person that is interested in your case; she is also interested in your life,
Your health, everything, they worry about not just going with this particular case.
But they were always offer other assistance, which they helped me with other assistance.
Very grateful to her, very grateful to her
Awesome people. The whole staff. Susy I can mention it. Much love to her

I have been asked that several times
And I actually just told Susy that I’ve been passing her number around, specially where I work, people that I know, that I’ve been going though what I’ve been through ask me.

Jeanne Morales. Midland, Texas. Call her she is awesome.