‘I became a US Citizen and just voted for the first time’

“I want to thank Jeanne Morales and her team for their invaluable work in order to become a citizen of the United States”. “I came to this country with a Nafta visa in 2004, and for different reasons the company that hired me took years to grant me the documents necessary to become a Permanent

Street Fest Contest Winner!!

Jeanne Morales Attorney wants to thank everyone who visited our booth last weekend at El Paso Downtown Street Fest. Irma Olivares was the winner of our contest, she won a $100 cash price after talking with our staff, we are looking to help her further with her legal questions. Keep in touch! We will have a Grand Opening Party event

“Now I can get a better job and be more relaxed here in the United States”

Testimonial: Ramón Antonio Saint Hillary, Jeanne Morales Attorney client, talks about his immigration case, and about the benefits of becoming a Legal Permanent Resident in the United States. #ImmigrationLaw #JeanneMoralesAttorney #CallUs #WeCanHelp = = = = My name is Ramón Antonio Saint Hillary, from the Dominican Republic I had a court today, July 11, 2018,

“So my life has changed drastically, for the good”

Testimonial: Carmen Carrizales, Jeanne Morales Attorney client, talks about his Social Security Disability case. #SocialSecurityLaw #JeanneMoralesAttorney #CallUs #WeCanHelp = = = = First of all my name is Carmen Carrizales I applied for my disability in Austin, Texas, I would say around 2013. I was denied 3 times, and then I had to move to

“She is not just interested in your case; she is interested in your life”

Testimonial: Gerardo Montoya, Jeanne Morales Attorney client, talks about his experience after overcoming a deportation order. #ImmigrationLaw #JeanneMoralesAttorney #CallUs #WeCanHelp = = = = We are here because we just overcame a court order of deportation. We beat it. A cancelation was approved. How did you get in touch with Jeanne Morales Attorney? I was

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