It has been a very long process, but it has been worth it

Jorge Marmolejo JMA Client Era una fiesta de cumpleaños en Monahans, en Sandhills Park. Y ahí me paró el Policía del parque. En un State Park no puedes exceder la velocidad, es algo penado. Me acuerdo muy bien, llegó a la ventana, me pidió la licencia de manejar. Y yo todo el tiempo he confiado,

“As long as you remain a citizen of another country and you are not living there, you are really just a visitor”

Pietra Delavalle JMI Client “Hi, my name is Pietra Delavalle” “Today is very special, beautiful day for me” “I’m so excited and so delighted to become an American Citizen after 50 long years.” “Tell us about being born an Italian and becoming a US Citizen” “I was born in Sicily in 1966, and my parents

“She said we were going to be successful… she kept fighting”

Hilario Aguilera JMI Client “I want to thank God and the lawyer Jeanne Morales for the service she offered me.” “We had a very long process, but thank God now we are seeing the fruits, the fruits of that process we’d have.” “They (officers) turned us around, saying we needed extra documents, but Jeanne Morales

“She was a very good lawyer to me”

Evangelina Alvarado de Aranda JMA Client (Meeting the lawyer Jeanne Morales) was a very good experience. I don’t speak English good enough, but I always had help with that. How did you get in touch with Jeanne Morales Attorney? A lawyer from Odessa, I do not remember his last name, but we talked to him

“(JMA) gave me an excellent service, in one hundred percent I recommend the lawyer”

Cid Raúl Briseño JMA Client   CRB: “Thanks to the services of the attorney (Jeanne Morales) I managed to finish my process; after my residency time I began my process through her office and thank God, finally yesterday I attended my ceremony, in which I got my certificate and finally I am now a United

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