Paternity in Texas – Know Your Rights!

Before you allow yourself to be declared to be the father of a child, protect yourself by getting a DNA test! If you are faced with years of support, and you have doubts if you are really the father, act to protect your rights!!!

Genetic Testing– Testing may be ordered by a court or a child support enforcement agency, or voluntarily by the parties.

The law in Texas recently changed, and you may be able to obtain a DNA test (and perhaps avoid paying support) even years later. An individual asking for a DNA test under these circumstances does not have to give up his relationship with the child.

Important!: A man has two years from the date he first has facts that he may not be the father to bring suit.

Important!: A man can request that the court still allow him to see the child and have possession.

Important!: Even though it won’t affect child support that has already accrued, it will affect future interest on any accrued debt.

The information contained on this page is a general summary and there may be exceptions or additional requirements that apply in an individual case.  Information is given for demonstrative purposes only and should not be relied on without consulting an attorney.  Specific advice can only be given by an attorney who is familiar with facts pertinent to a specific case. Communications in the context of this page shall not be construed to form an attorney-client relationship.