Is Voting or Registering to Vote Defensible?

Interviewer: Can you defend against this? Is there a defense that exists that could help a person in this situation?

Jeanne: No, and very unfortunately, it will irreparably harm your chances of becoming a naturalized citizen. It is very sad for clients to learn this.

The Technologic Advances in Record Keeping and the Improved Methods of Uncovering Information Hurts Many People When They Apply for Citizenship

I cannot overstress how this is viewed as a really big issue. For example, with that woman who works for me, she’s been a permanent resident so long, she was unaware she was still subject to immigration laws.

Permanent Residents Must Notify the Government Every Time They Relocate

It’s bad enough when you know you’re different than everybody else, and you know you’ve got to play by a different set of rules but you are probably not aware of all those rules. Everybody who’s a permanent resident has to notify the government every single time they move. A large number of people aren’t doing that.

Everybody’s life is full of bumps they have experienced along the way. I don’t care if it’s because your neighbor called the cops because you were yelling at your girlfriend, even though nothing ever came from it. It’s somewhere on some police blotter. Someone had to go to your residence for a domestic dispute.

That information starts to paint a picture about people. The more the government keeps records on people, not only the more details about their past come to light but also the more sometimes false or erroneous assumptions will be made. For example, you probably do an awful lot of Internet searches?

Interviewer: Yes and the government can track that, is that right?

Jeanne: What if somebody’s tracking all that? “Look, why is he so interested in DUIs? How many DUIs does he have?” You see how simple information can be turned against you. At least if you’re a US citizen, you can stand your ground and say, “I have rights. You have to prove it.”