Texting While Driving – New Law go into Effect Sept. 1

Texting While Driving – New Law go into Effect Sept. 1

Published :-Sep 01 - 2017

During the recent session of the Texas legislature, Texas became the 47th state to officially ban the practice of texting while driving.

However – this new law only addresses reading/writing/sending texts.

Before you congratulate the legislature for acting on this issue, consider that the new law does not make it illegal for motorists to use their phone for GPS navigation, music apps, surfing the internet, etc.

But phones aren’t the only thing that distracts us while driving

Lots of things can be distracting, like: Driving with A Dogon you lap, Driving with Two Dogon your lap, Driving with A Dog and Using a Phone while driving, putting Make Up, Shaving, and everybody’s favortie Eating While Driving.

There is no universal “distracted” driving law it Texas.  If the purpose of the law was to reduce distracted driving, then it has only addressed a fraction of what could cause a person to be distracted and lose control of their vehicle.

Why create a law that is only a “partial fix”, and will probably be difficult to enforce?  That is a question that you will have to ask your Texas legislature.  But the new law will take effect on September 1st, just so you know.

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