What You Need to Know About Changes to Texas Justice Courts that Make it Easier for You to be Sued on a Debt

Recently, the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure were changed to permit debt collectors to file cases in Texas Justice Courts, to recover bad debt.  Why should you care?

Debt collectors have become very aggressive in filing court cases to get judgments on old debt.  Recent changes to the law make it easier to sue you.

  • It is less expensive for the debt collector to use a Justice Court; the filing fees are lower.
  • The rules have changed to allow a debt collector to merely allege that you owe money – THEY DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE BUSINESS RECORDS TO ACTUALLY PROVE THEIR CASE.
  • Once they obtain a judgment, the debt collector can use the Sheriff to seize your property.

The majority of debt collectors routinely violate State and Federal fair debt collection laws, and now they have new tools.  Don’t wait to be attacked by an unscrupulous debt collector – call the law firm of Jeanne Morales, Attorney to protect yourself from vicious debt collectors!!

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