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    “I had the office of Jeanne Morales assist me with my daughter's Social Security application. They did an outstanding job and got her application approved sooner than what I expected. ..."


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    Serving the Social Security Disability
    Needs of Clients in Texas

    Do you receive bills every month that you are unable to pay? Are you unable to work due to a medical condition? Are you or a family member struggling with stressful or confusing immigration issues? Our talented staff is here to help you.

    At Jeanne Morales, Esq. we pride ourselves on providing professional, ethical, and affordable legal services to the members of our society who need it most. Although we focus primarily on bankruptcy, Social Security disability, and immigration law, we also perform a wide range of other legal services. If you believe you need an attorney, call our office to schedule an interview.

    Hablamos Español.

    Bankruptcy is nothing to be scared or ashamed of – it is simply a tool designed to help you get back in control of your finances. At Jeanne Morales, Esq. our staff provides a professional, straightforward approach to counseling and representing both individuals and small businesses through the complicated bankruptcy process.

    If you are struggling with bills, debt collectors, or are curious whether bankruptcy is a smart option for you, call us today for a consultation.